Culinary adventures at Heliades Villas

Culinary adventures at Heliades Villas

One of the best parts of our vacation time is when after a long day at the beach we all gather around the table to taste the food, the wine, the desserts and every known local delicacy under the sun. At Heliades Villas, we know this fact and we often indulge in the culinary delights [...]

The must see Foros Cave in Andros

Foros Cave

Some of the best family memories are made during summer vacations and staycations. Exploring caves with kids can spark an interest in science and nature that could last a lifetime. So next time you visit Andros remember that our island apart from the amazing beaches, the miles of hiking trails inside Andros’ breathtaking landscapes you [...]

Group activity ideas at Heliades Villas

Activities at Heliades Villas

Family vacations are the best opportunity to create amazing memories and live unique experiences. That is how families are coming together and friendships grow stronger. Our guests know that Heliades Villas is the right setting, for families and friends to bond and come closer. Apart from the breath-taking scenery and the captivating views our concierge [...]

Discover Andros’ Hiking Trails

Exploring Andros: A Guide to Greece’s Enchanting Island

We wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the best way to explore Andros island is on foot! Discover Andros’ hiking trails and witness the natural beauty of our island by walking along it's paths. Follow the ancient trails, gaze the diverse landscapes, and find yourself travelling between the past and the present. Make sure you [...]

Destination… Andros

For one more year, we had the pleasure to participate in the exhibition Le Salon Mondial du Tourisme 2018 and represent our beautiful island, Andros, to the residents and visitors of Paris, France. The event was of great interest for the island, since it is addressed to individuals that are passionate with hiking, walks, nature [...]

5 Reasons why you should choose Villa Holiday in Andros

You are now thinking about your next holidays, and you are wondering how to spot a place to please everyone's needs, including yours. We will give you 5 Reasons why Villa Holidays in Andros are the perfect choice for you. For starters, you might want to consider booking a private Villa for your holiday stay [...]