Discover Andros’ Hiking Trails

Hiking trails in Andros Greece

We wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the best way to explore Andros island is on foot! Discover Andros’ hiking trails and witness the natural beauty of our island by walking along it’s paths. Follow the ancient trails, gaze the diverse landscapes, and find yourself travelling between the past and the present.

Make sure you have packed your hiking boots and let the journey begin!

 With over 180km of restored and signposted paths that date back to ancient times, Andros hiking is a unique experience for all to enjoy.

A wide network of ancient trails of mountainous slopes covered with olives trees, followed by sandy beaches and picturesque whitewashed villages, green valleys with running waters and springs.  

Andros Island is a true hiker’s heaven. With so many walking routes to choose from, there are options for all ages and levels of difficulty. We have gathered some paths for you to walk the next time you visit Andros. Lets discover Andros’ hiking trails:

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Andros Routes

In 2010, a group of volunteers decided to show the world that Andros was one of the best destinations for hiking in Greece but also in Europe. They started restoring, maintaining, signposting, and promoting the island’s paths. Today the team has signposted over 180km of walking trails and managed to showcase Andros’ natural environment.

The 100km Andros Route

The Andros Route is a continuous 100km hiking trail that runs the entire island from North to South. It has been awarded with the Leading Quality Trails certification for two consecutive years. This trail can be walked from start to end in ten days. During this time, hikers get to spend each night at a different village and have a first-hand experience into the local life.

The famous Sariza Spring in Apikia, one of the villages you get to overnight at while hiking the 100km Andros Route.

Hiking Trails for Beginners

Apikia – Pithara Waterfalls (Route 2a)

This is the easiest Andros trail, which in fact is more of a walk than a hike. It is a round tour in Apikia, a beautiful neoclassical village. During this 30’ walk you cross a narrow green signposted trail, under the musical background of birds and running water from the mountains of the area.

Apikia – Gialia Beach (Route 8)

Route 8 is an easy and stunningly beautiful 2-hour hiking trail that starts from Apikia Village and ends to Gialia Beach. The route passes through riverbeds and streams in lush vegetation along the Gialia River valley.

Gavrio – Agios Petros Tower – Agios Petros Beach (Route 15)

Route 15 is one of the best hikes in Andros. The 2,5-hour trail begins at Gavrio Port, and passes through the Tower of Agios Petros, one of the island’s main attractions. It was built in the 4th or 3rd century BC, to control the sea and guard against possible invasions.

Towards the end of the route, the path runs along the valley that leads to the sandy beach of Agios Petros.

Chora – Livadia – Chora (Route 17)

Route 17 is an easy 1,5 hour hike hike that walks through Livadia Valley under Andros Capital, Chora. The route will take you through citrus groves, cypress trees and quintessentially Greek dry-stone fences.


Menites Circular (1.5 hours)

Walking Route Men1 is a rare opportunity to hike along an ancient path through a trail that starts and ends in Menites, a beautiful, picturesque village with water springs.

The lion-head springs in Menites

Here are some routes for hiking in Andros island:

  • Chora – Dipotamata- Korthi (Footpath No3): Walking time 4,5 hrs, distance 12 km.
  • Vourkoti –St.Nikolaos Monastery – Acla beach (Footpath No 6): Walking time 4,5hr, distance 9,5km
  • Ano Aprovato- Ano Pitrofos- Strabourgies- (Footpath No9): Walking time 4,5hrs, distance 11 km
  • Arni – Profitis Ilias – Vourkoti (Footpath No 12): Walking time 3hrs, distance: 6,5 km
  • Remata – Lefka Beach – Ateni: Walking time 5hrs, distance: 10 km
  • Batsi– Katakoilos –Arni (Footpath No11): Walking time 4hrs, distance: 9 km
  • Panachrantou Monastery – Ag.Triada- Zagora  (Footpath No7): Walking time 3hrs, distance: 8km
  • Menites – Messaria – Panachrantou Monastery – Fallika- Cave Foros: Walking time 4hrs, distance 8km
  • Aidonia – Korthi- Tromarchia Monastery (Footpath No4)-Walking time 4,5hrs Distance: 9km
  •  Apikia – Stenies- Gialia Beach (Footpath No 8)-Walking time: 2hrs Distance: 5km
  • Chora – Menites (Footpath No1)-Walking time approx 2hrs Distance 5km

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