The Perfect Week at Heliades Villas

The perfect week at Heliades Villas in Andros

Unforgettable Holidays in Andros Welcome to the enchanting island of Andros, where your dream vacation awaits. As you arrive at the charming port of Gavrio on the northeast coast of Andros Island, a breathtaking panorama unfolds before you. The sight of picturesque white houses scattered along the coast is a telltale sign that you have [...]

Culinary adventures at Heliades Villas

Culinary adventures at Heliades Villas

One of the best parts of our vacation time is when after a long day at the beach we all gather around the table to taste the food, the wine, the desserts and every known local delicacy under the sun. At Heliades Villas, we know this fact and we often indulge in the culinary delights [...]

2023 Vacation Trends: Authentic family-friendly destinations & secluded vacations

Authentic, family-friendly destinations & secluded vacations, are in high demand

A shift in the approach to vacations! Trends for summer travel in 2023 appear positive, with travelers seeking out novel and interesting experiences. Outdoor activities, wellness and self-care, authentic and one-of-a-kind experiences, family-friendly locales, and quiet, secluded getaways are predicted to be popular. Whether you want to escape the commotion or fully experience the local [...]

The perks of vacationing at Heliades Villas

The perks of vacationing at Heliades Villas

Heliades Villas are a luxurious yet authentically Cycladic holiday experience that is placing a strong emphasis on wellness, privacy and good times. We offer an upscale vacations option that refine hospitality with personalized services in Andros, Greece, one of the most elegant islands of the Cycladic complex. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of [...]

Heliades Villas: Your best villa holiday

Villa holiday

Villa holidays with friends or family is maybe the best way to spend quality time off. With all your favorite people in the world gathered in one place you can rest your mind and safely relax by the pool, enjoy fantastic meals, visit beautiful beaches around the island, walk the famous paths of Andros and [...]

Wedding Venue FAQ

Everything you need to know about Heliades Villas Wedding Venue

What to Ask Before You Book Heliades Villas in Andros is without a doubt a dreamy wedding venue! If you always dreamt of a wedding in Greece while the sun was setting at the Aegean Sea, then Heliades Villas is the ideal wedding venue for you. We can help you create a dreamy wedding at [...]

Start planning your summer holidays

Start planning your summer escape

The real reason behind planning ahead is because you don’t like to leave important things to chance. Let’s face it, when you start searching for the best place to spend you summer vacations in May or June for example, most of the best places are either already booked or more expensive, because depending on the [...]

Gastronomy and beyond…

Gastronomy and beyond

Andros is best known as the island of the seafarers but it is also known as an agricultural paradise, blessed with abundant waters and fertile valleys covered with herbs. Cows, sheep, and goats graze on its hills and pastures, producing excellent cheeses and meat; thousands of beehives yield ambrosial honey; and women’s cooperatives together with [...]

The must see Foros Cave in Andros

Foros Cave

Some of the best family memories are made during summer vacations and staycations. Exploring caves with kids can spark an interest in science and nature that could last a lifetime. So next time you visit Andros remember that our island apart from the amazing beaches, the miles of hiking trails inside Andros’ breathtaking landscapes you [...]