The Suite

Introducing “The Suite” – a meticulously restored Cycladic haven, boasting a single-level stone-built structure that includes two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a private swimming pool. This exquisite abode graciously accommodates up to four guests, offering an intimate retreat on the enchanting Andros Island.

Nestled in an amphitheatric setting in Kato Fellos, The Suite unveils panoramic Views of Kato Fellos bay, offering guests the tranquility and the luxury of a personal swimming pool. The approximately 75 square meter residence is a harmonious blend of natural, eco-friendly materials, seamlessly fusing Cycladic traditions with modern architectural elements. Divided into two blocks – a main living area and a master bedroom – The Suite gracefully conceals itself within the natural landscape, seamlessly blending between rocks and local vegetation.

Contrasting the typical white-washed houses associated with Cycladic architecture, Heliades Villas’ Suite, gracefully integrates into its surroundings. The stone walls effortlessly meld with the hillside, creating a residence that appears organically intertwined with the natural environment.

This newly crafted marvel is situated in Kato Fellos, showcasing meticulous attention to detail by its owners who have envisioned it as the ultimate summer hideout. Designed with minimal perfection, The Suite offers not only complete privacy but also mesmerizing sea views, creating a living experience where aesthetic elevation meets practicality.

What sets “The Suite” apart is its unwavering commitment to authenticity, identity, and local character. Embracing the traditional style and building techniques of the Cycladic Greek islands, this summerhouse retains its original charm while standing out with its unconventional cubic shape. The renovation focused on preserving the house’s initial character, akin to the low stone retaining walls (“xerolithies”) traditionally used for cultivation.

As an added feature, guests at The Suite have exclusive access to a fully equipped gym on the premises. Immerse yourself in a holistic retreat where Cycladic charm, natural harmony, and wellness seamlessly converge, making The Suite an unparalleled destination for an unforgettable Andros Island getaway.

The Suite: The perfect private getaway

The Suite was designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. Hidden in an amphitheatric location with amazing panoramic views. This summer suite follows the traditional style and building techniques of the Cycladic Greek islands, while standing out for its distinctive character and unconventional cubic shape. Indulge yourselves with an exceptional summer experience.

Ideal for couples and families of four.

Let us walk you through The Suite:

Our location is only a 5 min drive from the sandy beach of Fellos. If you like walking, you can reach the beach in about 20 min by foot. Few meters from the beach of Fellos, at an inner street, is a lovely tavern with delicious dishes. The port town of Andros (Gavrio) is found at 15 min drive and there you can find many restaurants, cafeterias, super market and other shops. At a distance of 20 min drive, you will also find the most beautiful beaches of Andros, including Agios Petros, Kypri and Golden Beach.