Achla Beach

This beach is located on the northeast coast of Andros island in Achla region and it is a little bit difficult to reach due to the dirt track. The beach has fine pebbles and trees providing natural shade. The waters are ideal for snorkeling and fishing and the bay is protected from strong winds. There are no facilities at Achla Beach.

Agios Petros

It is named after the nearby Agios Petros Tower. It is located on  the road to Stavropeda from Gavrio. The beach is very beautiful, with golden sand and warm shallow waters, that makes it ideal for families with young children.  You recognize the beach by the beautiful church on the rock at the beach, a kind of white square box with a light blue upside down “U” on it and then a white cross on top. In Agios Petros beach you may find water sport facilities during the summer season!

Agios Sostis

It is a secluded beach. It is named after the small church that is standing on top of the hill near the beach. The last stretch to the beach is over a path, and you’ll have to walk. The beach can lie a bit in the wind, like most other beaches on the north side of the island.

Batsi Beach, Chryssi Akti

Almost 7km south from Gavrio on the northwest coast Chryssi Akti, the most crowded beach on the island, is located. Chryssi Akti is in reality the beach of Batsi, one of the most popular settlements of the island. A large, organized sandy beach, with water sports, taverns, cafes and shops nearby. Definitely not to be missed!


This beach is located 5 km north from Gavrio on the northwest coast of Andros. It is a charming sandy beach with trees providing natural shade and clean waters. The place is ideal for fishing lovers and you will also find there some taverns for delicious meals and a short rest from a day under the sun!


A small cove in close distance to Gavrio, the main port of Andros, Kourtali is the next bay to Fellos beach. With clean water and soft sand on the shore, Kourtali is surrounded by abrupt cliffside.


It is a long, wide sandy / pebbly beach north of Fellos and Kourtali Beach. It is accessible from a junction of the road that goes to Fellos.


Plaka beach is located on the southwest coast of the island at Korthi area, almost 31km south from the port of Gavrio. Excavations have brought to light findings that testify that here existed a prehistoric settlement. Also ideal for fishing activities.

Tis Grias to Pidima

Grias to Pidima beach, meaning the place where the old lady jumped in Greek, is located on the southeast coast of Andros, north from Ormos Kotrhiou, after the port of Vitzi. There is a path leading to this beautiful sandy beach with the characteristic rock which gave the name to the spot. It is believed that during Turk domination the Castle of Kohilos was given to the enemy by an old lady that asked shelter from its inhabitants but when she entered the castle, she opened the doors deliberately and the Turks dominated it. The old lady was so shameful that she jumped from the cliff and it is believed that she has been petrified ever since. Despite this “unpleasant” legend, the beach is a very beautiful cove and pretty popular among visitors and locals.


Vitali beach is located almost 15 km northeast from Gavrio. A beach with crystal clear waters and quite tranquil, ideal also for fishing and for families.


Zorkos is a non organized large sandy beach nestled in a beautiful bay on the north part of the island, almost 17km from Gavrio following the road to Palaistou and then a dirt road towards Kato Varidi settlement. It is an untouched coast for a quiet and tranquil swim.