The amazing beaches of Andros

Holidays in Andros island Greece is a wonderful experience, especially for families, romantic couples and people looking for an authentic Greek island for quality and fun time. Some of them are only few minutes away from our Heliades Villas, while others are great for a road excursion around the island. Learn more about the amazing beaches of Andros:


Fellos beach Andros

The sandy beach of Fellos is the closest beach to our villas in Andros, accessible in 15-20 min walk and in 5 minutes drive. This beach is sandy and has wonderful, crystal waters. It is not organized with sun beds and umbrellas and offers the best place for a relaxing swim. This charming sandy beach has trees that provide natural shade to visitors. On one side of the beach is a seaside tavern. This place is also ideal for fishing. Fellos beach is located 5 km north of Gavrio port town, on the northwest coast of Andros.


Agios Petros beach Andros

This beach is named after the nearby Hellenistic watch tower of Agios Petros (Saint Peter), which was recently renovated. It is located on the road to Batsi from Gavrio, only 20 min drive from our villas in Andros. The beach is very beautiful, with golden sand and warm shallow waters, therefore it is ideal for families with young children. You will recognize the beach by the beautiful church on the rock on one side of the beach, a kind of white square box with a white cross on top. At the beach of Agios Petros, part of the cost gets organized in summer season with sunbeds and umbrellas for visitors.


Golden Beach Andros

Golden Beach (Chryssi Akti in Greek) is among the most famous and beautiful beaches in Andros. Located on the western side of the island, almost 7 km south of Gavrio, Chryssi Akti is in reality the beach of Batsi, one of the most popular tourist places of Andros. This is a large, organized and sandy beach with water sports, seaside taverns, cafes and shops nearby. The beach took its name from its gold sand and crystal waters. This is definitely a beach not to be missed during your holidays in Andros!


Achla beach Andros

The beach of Achla is located on the northeast coast of the island and it is among the most famous remote beaches of Andros. Due to its secluded location, it is a little difficult to reach as it is accessible through a dirt track road. The beach has crystal waters, fine pebbles and trees providing natural shade. This is an ideal location for snorkeling and fishing, and the bay is protected from strong winds due to the surrounding rocks. There are no beaches facilities at Achla Beach, so if you need water or food you must have brought with you.


Vitali beach Andros

Vitali beach is located on the northern side of Andros island, almost 15 km northeast from Gavrio port and about 20 min drive from Heliades Villas. This is among the most secluded beaches in Andros, accessible through a dirt road. This large cove is unorganized, with no sunbeds or umbrellas, and has crystal clear waters. It is an ideal place for a secluded swim in the sea.


Tis Grias to Pidima beach Andros

The beach called “Grias to Pidima”, meaning “the place where the old lady jumped”, is located on the southeast coast of Andros, north from Ormos Korthiou, after the port of Vitzi. Although this place is secluded, it gets busy in summer season due to its characteristic landscape with the rock coming in the sea. According to the legend, this rock is a petrified old lady who jumped to the sea in order to escape from a pirate invasion in the Medieval times. To get to this beach, visitors have to leave the car at the end of the road and then follow a path leading there after about 15 min walk. The beach is a very beautiful cove and a different beach landscape on the island.


Agios Sostis beach Andros

Agios Sostis is a secluded and totally unorganized beach in Andros island, Greece. It is named after the small church dedicated to Saint Sostis (meaning the Saviour) that is standing on top of the hill near the beach. The last stretch to the beach is accessible over a path, and you’ll have to walk. The beach can lie a bit in the wind, like most beaches on the northern side of the island. It is found in close distance to Heliades Villas, about 15 min drive, and next to the also-secluded beach of Pisolimionas.


Pisolimionas beach Andros

Pisolimionas is a large beach on the northern side of Andros island, about 15 min drive from Heliades Villas. This is a long and wide, part of which is sandy and another part is pebbled. Close to Pisolimionas are the beaches of Fellos and Kourtali. This place is totally unorganized, with no sunbeds or umbrellas, and you can enjoy long hours of remoteness there.


Kourtali beach Andros

Kourtali beach is a small cove in close distance to Gavrio, the main port of Andros. Kourtali is the next bay to Fellos beach, about 10 min drive from Heliades Villas. With clean water and soft sand on the shore, Kourtali is a great place for total isolation. It is surrounded by abrupt cliff side and is unorganized, with no umbrellas or sunbeds.


Zorkos beach Andros

Zorkos is a non organized, large and sandy beach nestled in a beautiful bay on the northern part of the island. This beach is found almost 17 km from the port town of Gavrio, following the road to Palaistou and then a dirt road towards the settlement of Kato Varidi. This is a totally untouched coast, ideal for a quiet and tranquil swim as well as for snorkeling.


Plaka beach Andros

Plaka beach is located on the southwest coast of the island at Korthi area, almost 30 km south from the port of Gavrio. This is a small beach, with nice waters and non-organized. Excavations have brought to light findings that testify that there existed a prehistoric settlement in the region of Plaka. This place is also nice for fishing.