The Magic of Andros

About Andros island

Andros is the northernmost island of the Cyclades Islands cluster with a great naval tradition and quite different from the iconic desert like cycladic landscapes.  Andros’ uniqueness lies on its rich nature, abundant waters and the diverse geomorphology. Apart from the sandy beaches, there are rocky coastlines, mountain ranges alternating with fertile plains, lush vegetation and abundantly flowing streams.

Want to know why Andros is a fantastic holiday destination?

  • It is only 2 hours away from Athens, and easily accessible from Mykonos island.
  • It has amazing, natural beaches.
  • It is the greenest island of the Cyclades.
  • It manages to remain unspoiled from the vast tourism development. 
  • Maintained its unique culture and tradition.
  • It is the first island in Europe with hiking paths recognised by the European Ramblers Association for their quality and unique beauty, which is why hiking in Andros is a surely a recommended experience.

Our luxury villas are ideally situated on a serene landscape:

  • The port of Andros, which is also one of the two main towns on the island, is only a 10 min drive from Gavrio.
  • Easy access to a variety of beautiful beaches, restaurants, taverns, shopping areas, sports facilities and medical care.
  • The exceptional beach of Fellos is only 15-20 min walk away.
  • Beautifully situated on a hill slope offers privacy and fantastic sea view.
  • The location combines harmoniously the beauty of the sea with the serenity of the mountainside, offering breathtaking views of both the Aegean Sea and the mountainous hillsides.

Key Facts about Andros


According to Greek mythology, Andros was Appollo’s grandson and a general to the Cretan king Ramanthos. The king offered his general the island of Andros, as a token of gratitude for his services.

Archaeological excavations prove the existence of developed settlements, dating back to Mycenaean times. On May 10th, 1821, Theofilos Kairis declared the War of Independence, marking the start of the island’s recent history, during which Andros reached the peak of its economic prosperity, thanks to its rich naval tradition. It is worth mentioning that Andriot Dimitris Moraitis initiated Greece-North America line in the beginning of the 20th century, while in 1939 Andros was second to Piraeus regarding ship registration.

Geography and more

Andros covers 374 sq. km (147 sq.miles). Its highest mountains are Petalo and Kouvara (highest peak Prof. Ilias 997 m). There are four rivers which run across the island from west to east through fertile green valleys ideal for farming. These are the Arni River, which flows into the Bay of Levka, the Big River that flows by the beach at Paraporti (Hora), the Achla River that flows into the Achla Bay and the Double River which runs into the Sineti Bay.


The lush vegetation includes oaks, century old plane trees, cypresses, olive trees, walnut and lemon trees. Our island in Greece is also famous for its numerous springs. The most famous is the Spring of Sariza. The mineral water of Sariza is best known for properties which aid kidney problems, is bottled in Sariza and distributed all over Greece. Other renowned springs of Andros are Lezina, Zenio at Kouvara, Koumoulos at Menites, Meliti and Metohi at Strapourgies, Abyssos at Levadia, and Akoe and Levada at Lamyra.