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Heliades Villas wedding venue in Andros Greece

Plan your Luxury & Intimate Villa Wedding in Andros

Heliades Villas in Andros is without a doubt a dreamy wedding venue! If you always dreamt of a wedding in Greece while the sun was setting at the Aegean se, Heliades Villas is the ideal wedding venue for you.

We specialize in arranging magical weddings in Greece. We can help you create a dreamy wedding at a completely private villa complex just for you, your family and closest friends. Get married in Greece in the most fantastic villa venue with sea view & pool!

In Heliades Villas, we will be by your side during all the wedding planning procedure and make sure that you will have everything you need for the wedding ceremony and the party! And of course, in case of civil weddings, we will help you with all the paperwork needed with the local municipality, saving you time and money.

Our 3 villas with private swimming pools can accommodate up to 26-30 guests in total. Therefore, our entire villa complex will be exclusively for you and your family & friends during the wedding days, so you can enjoy a private, intimate and romantic stay & ceremony. If your guests are more, we will be happy to suggest you close accommodation for the remaining guests.

We offer the ideal circumstances to create the most stylish, glamorous and romantic weddings in Andros Greece that will fit your very own dreams. Apart from our high quality services and luxury villas with private pool, your wedding ceremony will take place at sunset, by the pool, with fantastic views over the Aegean Sea. Doesn’t this sound magical?

Extra personalized services to customize your wedding package

  • Flowers decoration
  • Hair, nails and beauty treatment
  • Wedding photography
  • Entertainment
  • Private Dining
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Music
  • Massage & Spa
  • Catering

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