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Heliades Villas Wedding Venue

Plan your Luxury & Intimate Villa Wedding in Andros

Experience the epitome of luxury and intimacy with a villa wedding at Heliades Villas in Andros. Picture your dream wedding against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea as the sun sets, making Heliades Villas the quintessential venue for your special day.

Specializing in crafting enchanting weddings in Greece, we excel in curating bespoke experiences tailored to you, your family, and your closest friends. Our expertise ensures a seamless planning process, from arranging a private villa complex exclusively for your event to assisting with all necessary paperwork for civil ceremonies, saving you both time and money.

With three villas boasting private swimming pools accommodating up to 26-30 guests, and the entire Heliades Villas complex hosting up to 180 people, you can enjoy a private, intimate, and romantic celebration. For larger guest lists, we can recommend nearby accommodations.

Elevating your wedding experience, we offer a range of personalized services to tailor your package, including floral arrangements, beauty treatments, photography, entertainment, private dining, wedding cakes, music, spa services, and catering.

Immerse yourself in the elegance and romance of Andros, Greece, with a ceremony by the pool or at the beach overlooking the Aegean Sea. Let us turn your vision into reality – take the first step and reach out to us via email to arrange your magical villa wedding in Greece.

Extra personalized services to customize your wedding package

  • Flowers decoration
  • Hair, nails and beauty treatment
  • Wedding photography
  • Entertainment
  • Private Dining
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Music
  • Massage & Spa
  • Catering

Want to arrange your wedding in our magical villa venue with pool & sea view in Greece? Do the first step and email us!

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My fiancé and I discovered Heliades Villas online and fell in love with them instantly. We decided this is where we wanted to get married before filling out the enquiry form! From the outset, Korinna and her team were phenomenal – prompt email responses, no questions unanswered; we couldn’t have been more well-informed. We choose the package with all of the wedding extras meaning Korinna co-ordinated everything from the ceremony to the flowers. We had lots of email conversations in the first few months and then as the wedding drew nearer we met on Skype. It was amazing to have a virtual tour of the villas with Korinna. We chose our flowers, menus and order of the day with Korinna sending example photographs to us and we even sampled different wedding cakes when we arrived so that we could have the one we liked made for the wedding day. Korinna organised logistics in terms of all our transfers and also co-ordinated a Greek night with musicians and food from a local taverna. I had my hair and makeup done, including a trial, and the photographer was lovely. The entire wedding party commented on the quality not only of the villas but the 24 hour service. We will most definitely be travelling back very soon!

Rebecca Turner

We really want to come back in 2023!! 

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