Destination… Andros

For one more year, we had the pleasure to participate in the exhibition Le Salon Mondial du Tourisme 2018 and represent our beautiful island, Andros, to the residents and visitors of Paris, France. The event was of great interest for the island, since it is addressed to individuals that are passionate with hiking, walks, nature and culture.

In any given occasion, we do our best to promote Andros in all its beauty. Our aim is to make our island THE DESTINATION.

Towards this direction, we were very happy to hear that from this summer Andros will be connected with the islands of Paros, Ios, Santorini and Crete, besides Tinos and Mykonos. The ferry itineraries will run by company Golden Star Ferries. This was a common request among guests we had the previous years and also from the part of the locals. So, this is a new challenge for all of us!

Moreover, the ferry connection between Andros and Rafina Port in Athens lasts only 1 hour and 15 min daily, with afternoon ferries. This make us feel that we are THE DESTINATION since we can’t ignore the fact that Super Fast Ferries arrive to our island twice a day. So we will have three different lines, with two ships each!

Step by step we are moving gradually and the dream will come true!!

So get prepared! Destination Andros is here!