5 Reasons why you should choose Villa Holiday in Andros

You are now thinking about your next holidays, and you are wondering how to spot a place to please everyone’s needs, including yours. We will give you 5 Reasons why Villa Holidays in Andros are the perfect choice for you.

For starters, you might want to consider booking a private Villa for your holiday stay instead of an apartment or hotel. In fact, here are 5 reasons why you should book a beautiful, private Villa to create unforgettable memories from your coming vacation and this Villa shall be in the amazing island of Andros, Cyclades, Greece:

1. Enjoy villa holiday in privacy and luxury

You can build your bespoke holidays, swim in your private pool whenever you want, eat your breakfast or dinner and enjoy your cocktail, read your favorite book any time of the day with no distractions. Your kids can play in the private garden with safety and, even better, you can enjoy a night swim at the pool without asking. And you always have the option of some quiet space as well! So in a villa you can enjoy the sun with a cold beverage, prepare your own barbecue in style, have a good conversation with your best friend over a local cold glass of wine by the pool or enjoy a night swim with your wife when the kids are sleeping.

2. Enjoy the Large Space

Renting a private Villa means more space and this is a must, especially if you are travelling with kids and family.

3. Facilities

Private Villas come usually with a wide range of amenities, from everyday comforts such as satellite TV, wifi, laundry facilities and bath amenities, to luxuries such as private pool, garden or BBQ. One of the highlights of your vacation will probably be the fully-equipped kitchen, where you will find all the amenities you need to cook your own meals and enjoy unique moments with your beloved ones in a home away from home.

4. Bespoke Services

Our concierge team will help you discover Andros island in every way. This is whether you wish for family friendly activities, customized itineraries and fitness sessions or even planning your unique wedding reception, your honeymoon or a special celebration. As hosts, we go above and beyond to serve all your needs and ensure your stay is stress-free, memorable and filled with the best experiences from Heliades Villas and Andros island. We can even offer you a private cook in order to taste the exceptional local traditional cuisine, massage or private yoga sessions, and even babysitting to spend some quality time with your partner or friends. Our moto is Barefoot Luxury in Andros, so we are here to make all your wishes come true!

5. Activities

Andros is blessed with the most mysterious characteristics in the climate and the natural environment of the Cyclades. It is ideal for sightseeing and tranquil walks through nature as well as for outdoor sports and activities. A vast network of paths, underwater archaeological sites, numerous crystal blue water beaches, impressive temples and unforgettable locations that can satisfy even the most demanding traveler. It is the first island in Europe to have its quality of paths recognized by the European Ramblers Association. In Heliades Villas, we can arrange any kind of activity for you from hiking, scuba diving to private cooking lessons, in order to discover Andros and create unforgettable memories in the amazing hidden gem of Cyclades and leave like a local.

This is all yours so say goodbye to schedule and enjoy it!

Heliades Villas offer an evocative experience, you can book one of our 3 private Villas and have the ultimate holiday experience!