One island, one history and you… in Andros!

If you are looking for a private paradise, this is the place! Andros island certainly combines glam and mystery. Crystal blue waters, golden sandy beaches, hidden lakes, unique climate, deep forests, amazing paths ideal for hiking, breathtaking panoramic views, historical monuments, delicious cuisine are some of the beauties that create strong feelings and challenge the visitor to discover the uniqueness of Andros.

Now you can find more information about the island of Andros through the newly established business network Andros Cycladic Tourism Network which is set as the official portal for Andros on the web. After a lot of work and excellent cooperation among its members, this portal is ready and we are proud to be a part of this amazing effort!

CTN ANDROS is a business network operating on the island of Andros, in the fields of hospitality, catering and activities, and has as its main objective to serve the vision of the network that is to strengthen and promote each individual company and the island as a top tourist destination, both in Greece and abroad. This new project, which measures 6 months of life, has received a significant response from Andros entrepreneurs, who have successfully created a group with common characteristics our love for the place and the belief for a stronger Andros, open to more visitors.

No matter which are your holiday plans, you will absolutely find your call in Andros island. Heliades Villas could perfectly be the place to start your fascinating journey!