The must see Foros Cave in Andros

Foros Cave

Some of the best family memories are made during summer vacations and staycations. Exploring caves with kids can spark an interest in science and nature that could last a lifetime. So next time you visit Andros remember that our island apart from the amazing beaches, the miles of hiking trails inside Andros’ breathtaking landscapes you can also visit Cave Foros, one of the first caves that were discovered in Greece.

Cave Foros is situated in the heart of Andros, near Aladino village. At the crossroads of Messaria there is an old bridge built in 1680 amongst olive and pear trees which leads to the entrance of a fascinating cave, a majestic underground world which is open for exploration. Filled with colorful stalagmites and stalactites, hanging rocks, colourful limestone and formations, Foros Cave is one of the first cave complexes to have ever been discovered in Greece back in 1937 and covers approximately 500 square metres through 8 chambers.

The temperature of the cave remains the same throughout the year and ranges from 16-17 ° C while the humidity is 75%, this is why you should be dressed properly and wear boots because the ground is rather slippery.

Cave Foros is one of the most important attractions on the island of Andros. It was first discovered in 1937 by Ioannis and Anna Petrocheilos but it was mapped later on and more specifically in 1982 under the supervision of and direction of the Hellenic Speleological Society. The cave is the 15th recorded cave in the official chronological list of discovered caves in Greece, maintained by the Hellenic Speleological Society.

As for the origin its name, there are two interpretations. According to first, it derives from the Italian word “Foros” which means “Opening”. The second has to do with the superstitious beliefs of the inhabitants, who felt that they had to sacrifice their animals into the cave as a tax (Foros in Greek)  to appease the evil spirits.

The cave is open to the public all year round but sometimes you can only visit by appointment. The guided tour starts from the old bridge of Aladino which stands near the homonymous village. Walking along a 300-meters long paved cobbled path, you reach the cave. At the entrance, the tour guide will provide you with the necessary equipment such as a helmet and a flashlight for a safe tour. Foros cave consists of 8 halls, of which only 4 are open to the public. The length of the path inside the cave is 150 meters long. During the tour visitors have the opportunity to admire colorful and impressive stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, hanging rocks and colorful limestone.

Check the cave’s Facebook page for opening times as well as contact information. You can only visit as part of guided tours available in either in English or Greek.

You can easily reach the cave by car, by following the main road from Stavropeda to Chora and turning right towards Aladino village.