Private villas: The dynamic segment of the vacation rental industry

Private villas: The dynamic segment of the vacation rental industry
By Korinna Zekkou*

Despite the uncertainty due to COVID-19, the appetite for travel is stronger than ever. A study surveying over 8,000 people from 8 countries found that:  1 in 3 families planned to spend more, travel further, and stay longer in 2021, while they increasingly sought more private and luxurious accommodations.

Market data shows that vacation rentals weathered the storm better than hotels. According to Vrbo trend report 2021 during the lowest point, occupancy of short-term rentals with 2 or more bedrooms declined by 46.2% while Hotels suffered a decline of 77.3% for the same period.

The vacation rental industry and more specifically the luxurious private villas which is the most dynamic segment of the industry is the main reason that kept the vacation rental industry afloat.

And this comes as no surprise since most of the people who treasure their lifestyle are fans of private Villas. There are specific reasons why most of us prefer Villas and we are convinced that they’re better than any other type of holiday accommodation.

The pandemic changed many aspects of our daily life. After months spent in isolation around the world, people need to reunite with their family and loved ones. According to VRBO’s trend report 31% of travelers said spending quality time with family was their main motivation for travel. 42% of travelers planned to travel as a family group. And that is why “larger homes suitable for families performed better in the vacation rental market”.

Having said that here are the top reasons why it is preferable to stay in a villa than a hotel:


Who wants to spend their holiday days surrounded by strangers, fighting for the best dining tables or listening to your next room neighbors having a fight? In addition most travelers tend to stay away from crowded lobbies, elevators and flooded shared dining areas. Holidays were invented to help us relax, get away from people or tiring situations, and get together with the people we love to share the beauty of life. In your private Villa you don’t share anything with strangers; you have the entire place to yourself. Your own kitchen, lounge space, pool, multiple bathrooms and above all services upon request… Need we say more?

Social distancing

No one knows what the future holds but we are hoping that in 2022 will be able to actually hug our people again. In any case though by staying at a private villa you ensure that you keep yourself and your loved ones safe and at the same time abide to all social distancing rules. Yet again you’ve got the whole place to yourself, so it’s just you and your family or friends. Most of the time, private villas are in secluded locations, and have their own private premises. You have your own swimming pools, alfresco dining spaces, BBQ and private cooks, so that you don’t even have to go to restaurants if you don’t want to.

Homey environment

A villa is a home. Your home, for however long you’re there. That means that you’ll instantly feel comfortable and at ease. You can choose when you need the housekeeping to clean, you decide what entertaining services you need and when. You decide everything and ask the concierge service.


Most people don’t instantly realize this, but big villas are actually cheaper than hotel resorts as you can split the cost and often come up paying less per night than in a hotel. Meaning that you can use the extra money for day trips or other on demand services.

Tailored to your needs

Villas offer extra services you can take advantage of. Heliades Villas concierge team can organize everything from airport transfers to private chefs, and private yoga sessions. We can schedule your day with fun activities and cultural tours. You can also simply ask for information if you prefer to organize everything by yourselves.

Ideal for events and celebrations

If you want to get away to plan an event: ie. a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon or if you want a simple and elegant wedding ceremony amongst friends and family Heliades Villas are the ideal location. We can organize everything you need and host your guests in an amazing location. And since it’s basically your own homes for however long you’re there, you can enjoy any event or celebration without the disapproving looks from strangers for disturbing the peace…

Safe for kids

Holidays are supposed to be an opportunity for relaxation. You don’t want to constantly worry about the safety of your children. Private villas offer you the opportunity to switch off and relax knowing that your kids are safely playing at the garden or by the safe pool on fenced grounds.


Heliades Villas follows and will continue to follow a set of COVID-19 safety practices which are based on guidance from the World Health Organization and the Greek COVID-19 Advisory.  In addition, we are familiar with the general health and safety guidelines for COVID-19 safety, continuously monitor applicable government travel restrictions and advisories, and follow all national and local guidelines.

Heliades Villas are unique, with a distinctive style and a personality of their own. For more info or availability enquiries you can send us a request HERE

*Korinna Zekkou is a Managing Director of Elxis SA at Heliades Villas.