The perfect holiday homes

Our Villas in Andros

There are lots of essential components required to create the perfect holiday home, and here at Heliades Villas we have created our holiday villas to ensure that our guests get only the very best accommodation. And if you are wondering what makes Heliades Villas so unique here are the main undisputable reasons: 

1. The Location

First and foremost, for a holiday home to work it has to be somewhere that’s truly special.  Luckily for us, Kato Fellos is one of those places in Andros. Heliades Villas Estate consists of three independent luxurious developments, perched upon a hill that overlooks the Aegean Sea. Each of our elegant holiday Villas (Helias, Etheria, Phivi) has its own private swimming pool, gardens and views that can literary free your mind. You can be sure you’ll have access to some amazing views no matter which way you look. Your moods will be lifted and set the tone for the whole holiday, and they provide a relaxing place where all the family can happily unwind together.

 2. The Weather

When you think of holiday homes, you usually think about spending glorious hours soaking up the sun. And that is exactly what you will be doing in Andros Island throughout the spring and summer months, and even in autumn. In Andros you can embrace the beauty of all seasons no matter what time of year it is.

 3. The Beach

The sandy beach of Fellos is the closest beach to our villas in Andros, accessible in 15-20 min walk and in 5minute drive. This beach is sandy and has wonderful, crystal waters. It is not organized with sun beds and umbrellas and offers the best place for a relaxing swim. This charming sandy beach has trees that provide natural shade to visitors. On one side of the beach is a seaside tavern. This place is also ideal for fishing. Fellos beach is located 5 km north of Gavrio port town, on the northwest coast of Andros.

It truly is a slice of paradise – and the beauty of Fellos coastline shines through for all our residents to enjoy. All the family will have fun on Fellos beach.

4. Touches of Décor Magic

With all three holiday homes we’ve created, we always ensure that the slightest details are refined to perfection.

This means making sure that we use little design quirks that make our holiday villas feel homier and at the same time spectacular, providing a feeling of familiarity and ease. Our décor touches makes you also needing to spend some time indoors, which is kind of surprising when you are in a Greek Island… 

 5. Amazing Architecture

We are really proud of our Cycladic Style Villas. They are instinctual, stripped from elaborate structures and decorations that make things confusing and impractical. The curves and shapeliness of Cycladic dictation, and the distinctive local charm of Andros, emit a style that is characterized by strength, daring, unparalleled harmony, balance and grace.

6. Plenty Of Room

Nobody wants a tiny holiday home, that’s why at Heliades Villas we make sure there’s lots of room for everyone. All three Villas (Helias, Etheria and Phivi) are over 250sq. meters and can accommodate 8 to 10 guests each. The bedrooms are specious and the ceilings are high, providing a stronger sense of space.

If you’re after a holiday home with plenty of room, you won’t go wrong with Heliades Villas.

7. Beautiful Furnishings

Our refined furnishings matched alongside our beautiful bathroom and stunning kitchens will make sure you feel at home, whilst also providing you with some magic holiday home touches.

We pride ourselves on offering beautiful furnishings that will impress and inspire anyone who walks through the doors.

8. Outdoor Space

Another amazing characteristic of Heliades Villas Estate is that there’s so much outdoor space you won’t know when and why to go inside. All three Villas have their own private swimming pools, spacious verandas, bbq places and lots of space for your kids to run around or work out.  

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