Group activity ideas at Heliades Villas

Activities at Heliades Villas

Family vacations are the best opportunity to create amazing memories and live unique experiences. That is how families are coming together and friendships grow stronger. Our guests know that Heliades Villas is the right setting, for families and friends to bond and come closer. Apart from the breath-taking scenery and the captivating views our concierge team can help you organize your sunny holidays and turn them into a unforgettable experience. 

Andros island is the ideal location because it is crowd free and in that sense you don’t have to stress going around booking restaurants, cruises or other family activities and as we have already informed you we will be just a phone call away to arrange everything you might need. A refreshing swim as the sun comes up, with breakfast, gets everyone in the mood for the day ahead. What is superb about private villa stays is the feeling of flexibility where even a simple activity such as a morning swim becomes a family ritual without other guests around.

Heliades Luxury villas are an ideal choice of accommodation offering complete exclusivity where families or groups of friends can stay and enjoy resort-class amenities all to themselves, with a dedicated concierge who can arrange activities for you and ready to assist with your holiday plans.

You might enjoy organized tours around the island with prepared meals and stay locations. You might want to try diving or perhaps spend some time practicing yoga, under the instructions of a certified yoga teacher. To give you some inspiration for your next holiday, here are some of the activities you can experience  as a family:

Yoga workouts

Providing peaceful seclusion with truly breathtaking views, Heliades luxury villas make the perfect venue for yoga, which is a great opportunity for the whole family to start the day feeling energized. You will have the chance to practice yoga at the beach, by your private pool, at the garden with fantastic sea and sunset views, under the instructions of a certified yoga instructor.

Boat tours

Summer is the best time for boat tours since the weather is perfect and the sea is warm. Boat trips in Andros are the best way to explore the magical coastline, the astonishing beaches and the underwater world of the island. Enjoy relaxing day time or night time cruises from Batsi at the magnificent coastline and nearby beaches. The perfect idea if you want to try swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters.

Snorkelling & Scuba diving

The seabed of Andros is among the less explored destinations in the Aegean. Rich in marine species and crystal clear blue waters, the seabed of Andros offers unprecedented experiences. Take a dive along the most interesting underwater trails of Andros.


For those who don’t know, our island has more than 200 signed trekking paths. If you enjoy hiking, then this is a fantastic opportunity to discover an authentic trekking destination in Greece and walk a different hiking trail every day.

Off road jeep Tours

Do you want to explore Andros off the beaten track and visit secret locations that even locals may have not visited? Ask us to organize a private 4X4  off road jeep tour for you! Discover the hidden corners of the island, visit secluded beaches, have lunch at traditional tavernas in hidden villages. Sound exactly as you pictured it: A pleasurable adventure.


If you are fond of fishing and enjoy the long hours waiting for the fish to catch the bate, then we can provide you with appropriate equipment and we will enjoy teaching you how to fish or leave you alone with your calming thoughts while fishing at Fellos beach or at the port of Gavrion.