Heliades Villas destination weddings

Heliades villas destination weddings

Many couples dream of a destination wedding. Exchanging your vows at a dream venue in a Greek Island like Andros is a unique experience for those who appreciate life’s beauty. What you will be needing is your friends and close family. That way you are going to be sure that you share the happiest day of your life with the people that are genuinely happy for you and your union. In this article we will explain why destination weddings are the best choice when you are on a budget.

Many think that destination weddings are expensive, although in reality they are cheaper, and the reason can be easily understood. In destination weddings you have full control of the money you want to spend. Something that is almost never feasible when you are planning a wedding at home. Budgets are getting over the roof with the number of guests, the decorations, the venues, the endless details that never stop to arise.

With destination weddings you pre-arrange the cost of your stay, the number of guests, the menus, the decorations, etc. No last minute changes, no running around crazy trying to take care of every little detail. In short, when you choose a destination wedding, first you decide upon your budget and then you arrive at your dream destination and just live the experience.  

Destination weddings take place in beautiful and out-of-the-box locations, like ours. The only thing you require is international travel, a minimum of seven days accommodation for both the wedding and honeymoon stay, and the cost of the wedding package you will choose.

But let’s see why destination weddings are the best choice:

Natural décor

destination wedding in Heliades Villas

There is no need to spend loads of money on store-bought decorations when the location and the Wedding Venue you selected is by itself the actual decoration. With traditional weddings at home you spend a big part of your budget on flowers and adornments to make the venue look more natural or more wedding appropriate. On the other hand, when you choose to have a destination wedding natural beauty is already a given because you have picked a beautiful place and decoration is no longer that crucial.

You take care of your honeymoon too…

Many couples that choose to have a destination wedding, extend their stay to include their honeymoon. The fact that you plan a wedding and a honeymoon together, saves you valuable time and money. You don’t need to look for the ideal place for a honeymoon. You got through this procedure once. You picked the spot that is breath-taking enough to host both your marriage and your honeymoon.

In complete control of the number of guests

Having fewer guests at your wedding is the biggest money saver. No one disagrees with that, and no one can blame you if you simply don’t want literary everyone to attend your wedding. Destination weddings are cut for people who want to savour the beauty of life either privately or with the ones that are really close to them. And a wedding is a ritual that most of us like to share only with the people that we love. Destination weddings are more intimate occasions to be shared with close family and friends.

Destination weddings are stress- free

When you save time is equal to saving money. At Heliades Villas you send us your request and then we take over. Saving yourself time and stress is priceless. This experience is all about you and your significant other, and the less stress you have to deal with, the more you’ll enjoy your special day.

More relaxed Wedding attire

When you are getting married in a Greek island, in a Villa with stunning views in an amazing natural environment means that your wedding attire can be as cool as your surroundings. You don’t need to suffocate yourself in a strict and costly wedding gown or a tailored suit. An ethereal white dress can cut it… Sandals, loose linen suits, or a simple linen shirt for men… That way you can feel light and dance all night and also have the coolest wedding pictures and videos.

Most destination weddings, by contrast, are a more casual occasion. Some are even as casual as a shirt and shorts! And even if you want to stick with the classic wedding attire, you’re free to tone down the formality and pick something less costly.

Send us a request

At Heliades Villas you will pay for your stay and for an overall wedding package depending on the extra services you will choose for your wedding.

  • Catering
  • Private Dining
  • Photography – Videography
  • Flower decoration
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding Cakes

Most couples spend at least seven nights at Heliades Villas. The rates are lower during the Spring Season and take up during the High Season.

You can take a look in more detail for availabilities and prices here: https://www.heliadesvillas.com/check-availability-book-online/

Don’t hesitate to send us your request here: https://www.heliadesvillas.com/wedding-venue/

Note: Heliades Villas Wedding Venue consists of three private Villas that can be rented to accommodate the Wedding purposes. The number of Villas you will rent depends on the number of your guests. Read more about the characteristics of our villas here: https://www.heliadesvillas.com/elegant-holiday-villas/