Greek Wedding Traditions

Greek wedding traditions
You can incorporate into your ceremony at Heliades Villas

Most of the Greek wedding traditions and religious rituals derive from ancient Greek and Byzantine heritage. We have created a list with some of the most common and symbolic traditions you can adopt and add a dash of extra symbolism and “mystery” to your destination wedding at Heliades Villas.

The Wedding Bed

Before the day of the marriage, close friends and family gather to prepare the bed of the couple. According to the tradition the groom should not participate in the procedure, but nowadays the young couples that decide to follow the tradition include the groom. After the making of the bed, friends and family throw money on the bed to “secure” the couple’s prosperity and rice to make sure that the couple will grow roots.

The Shaving of the groom

The day of the wedding the best man has to shave the groom. This is symbolism of friendship and trust between the two men. After the shaving, all groom’s best friends have to dress him up and prepare him for the wedding.

The bride’s shoe

The same day after the bride is ready, before she put on her shoes, she has to write at the sole of her shoe, the names of her unmarried friends. According to the tradition, the names of the girls that will be erased by the end of the night are the ones that will get married soon.

Wedding Wreaths

Wedding wreaths, made of flowers, silver or gold and joined together by a strand of ribbon are worn by the bride and goom to signify the start of a union. According to this Greek wedding tradition, the best man must swap back and forth the wreaths over the couple’s heads three times before the priest blesses the couple and pronounce them husband and wife. The wreaths are worn as crowns and signify the unison of the couple as King and Queen of their new household life.

Sharing a glass of wine

According to this tradition the couple shares a glass of wine. Each takes three sips of wine from the cup, as a symbol for the ability to share and enjoy a blessed life together.

Cutting the wedding cake

The couple cuts a piece of the cake with both of them holding the same knife. They put a piece on a plate, where the bride gives her husband a bite with a spoon, after which the groom feeds his wife a bite of the cake with the same spoon. Then the couple pops a bottle of champagne, which is poured into two glasses. The couple drinks from the glasses with one arm crossed over the other. Afterwards, the wedding cake is brought into the kitchen to be cut, so that everybody gets a piece.

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