The perks of vacationing at Heliades Villas

eliades Villas Estate is a luxurious yet authentically Cycladic holiday experience that is placing a strong emphasis on wellness, privacy and good times. We offer an upscale vacations option that refine hospitality with personalized services in Andros, Greece, one of the most elegant islands of the Cycladic complex. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of staying at Heliades Villas and why you should keep us in mind for your next vacation getaway!


Relaxing vacations have shown to improve overall life satisfaction and most importantly our mental health. Many studies have shown that the people who take vacation have better health and more satisfied with life. It is no secret that vacations have a long-lasting impact that extend beyond the duration of the trip itself and that is why a relaxing vacation experience at a serene location can lead to a more positive life perspective and consequently a more optimistic future experiences.

As we very well know, during our holidays we need to decompress and relax, and as this can be easier said than done, the location of our vacations plays a crucial role. By choosing Heliades Villas you make sure that the people that accompany you are the people you love to spend quality time and you do not have to spend your days in congested accommodations, with other people talking loudly, make a fuss near the pool during inopportune hours. At Heliades Villas you will have the privacy and tranquility you deserve in a spacious villa, surrounded by a beautiful Cycladic scenary and vies to the Aegean while at the same time everyone in your family or group of friends can have their own private rooms and activities.


Another perk of staying at Heliades Villas is the exclusivity. Our Villas are perched upon a hill in a secluded, but not remote, area, allowing a sense of luxurious isolation away from the crowds. Booking Heliades Villas means that you’ll have the property all to yourselves. This lets you and your companion enjoy the villa’s first-rate amenities such as the swimming pools and private gardens, without having to share them with strangers.

Personalized experience

When staying at Heliades Villas our operations manager will help you with anything you might need. Be it restaurant recommendations, or the booking of cruises, yoga classes, snorkelling, scuba diving, or even horseback riding. At Heliades Villas your vacation is personalized to your exact tastes. If you are looking for a family or friends reunion trip, opt for Heliades Villas where you have the freedom to set the tone and schedule for your vacation. Here everything you will experience is on your own terms and time.

Dedicated staff

Like in most private villas, Heliades Villas have dedicated staff to cater to your needs. If you want to dine in our Cuisenaire will prepare local delicacies and anything else you might crave. Our operations manager will arrange your transportations, book restaurant reservations and simply be a telephone call away to offer recommendations and cater your every need. Our housekeeping team will keep your villa clean and tidy throughout your stay or whenever you need. Our concierge team can also take note of your preferences, and tailor-fit their services to your needs.


Another advantage of Heliades Villas are the conscious of health and hygiene standards. At Heliades Luxury Villas you won’t have to worry about cleanliness and safety. We abide to strict hygiene controls and cleaning procedures. Our staff members have undergone extensive training and safety management measures have been executed across our Estate. The health and well-being of our guests and our employees is and will always be our top priority.

Comfortable like your home

With a combination of luxurious elegance and homey ambiance, Heliades Villas are your “home away from home”, as we combine luxurious amenities and home comforts. We offer space to spread out and truly indulge yourselves. Whether you are traveling with your little ones or group of friends, Heliades Villas are the best option. And if you need to get some work done you can continue working from the Villa. Our high-speed WiFi can easily log you in on office days.

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