Why holiday villas are the wisest choice post Covid-19

Dream holidays in Andros

With Covid-19 now present in our lives, whenever we think about holidays, we have to think twice about safety. We have to make sure that we all remain healthy during vacations and return safe at home. This is why, we also have to make sure that we book our stay in a protected holiday accommodation. The text below will explain why holiday villas are the wisest choice post Covid- 19.

#1 Villas have Privacy

Many people prefer holiday homes because they are private and share no common spaces with other guests, such as receptions, elevators, restaurants, bars or pool areas. This simple fact makes villas a safer place for your family holidays. Therefore, you can enjoy all the relaxation you need in absolute safety!

In Heliades Villas, there are no close neighbours. All the interior and exterior spaces, as well as the verandas, the garden, pools and BBQs, are exclusively private. There is also a private entrance to the villa.

#2 Personalized Services

Another fascinating benefit is the personalised services. In our villas we will be happy to help you with with grocery shopping service, chef dining and breakfast preparation. We can arrange for your shopping during your stay so that you won’t have to worry for the shopping. You won’t even have to worry about the cooking, since a private cook can take care of all your meals.

#3 Deep Cleaning

Cleanliness has always been a top priority for us. Our trained staff supplied with the appropriate personal protective equipment, with disposable gloves and masks, cleans the villa thoroughly, with great attention to surfaces, like doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, keys, hairdryers etc. For the maximum safety of our guests, we also proceed to regular disinfections. However, if a guest does not need cleaning services or personnel to approach the villa, this is also acceptable.

At Heliades Villas we take all necessary measures to protect our guests. We follow World Health Organization and the Greek National Tourism Organization guidelines to the letter. Our main concern is always the safety of both our guests and our personnel!