Greece is ready to restart tourism

The perfect week at Heliades Villas in Andros

Greece demonstrated consistency in focus and resolve in its response to COVID-19. Greek Tourism enters this new era with optimism and determination. Our goal is to follow all safety measures for the protection of both tourists and locals. Greece is ready to restart tourism. It is one of the safest destinations post-Covid.

Opening for the season

In view of our official season opening middle June, in Heliades Villas, we are certainly taking all top rank measures for safety.

Since we also have families and people we care about, we understand your concern to find the safest accommodation for your family and friends. This is why we are here to point out that we have put all our efforts to provide a perfectly safe villa for you. We follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Greek National Tourism Organization.

Heliades Villas have always taken pride in putting the safety first, combined with the well-being of our guests. Our cleaning and maintenance staff are working permanently with us for many years and are very serious in keeping all measures!

Apart from the general surfaces, we certainly make sure to clean regularly-used surfaces (door handles, remote controls, fridge handles, etc). In all common spaces of our villas, we have antiseptic lotions and gels. Our plan for the coming season is to apply steam disinfestation to all interior and exterior spaces of our villas. Before, during and after every booking. Our pools are daily cleaned and the water recycling does not stop any time of the day.

We also always encourage you to talk to us. Contact us if you need cleaning services or if you want to take up your grocery shopping.
Whatever you need call us. Our concierge team works 24/7.

Your health is our priority!