Our protection measures against the Coronavirus outbreak

In response to recent travel concerns relating to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we recognise that the need for flexibility has rarely been so great.

We can’t ignore the problem and we certainly can’t underestimate it. What we can do is take all necessary measures (and even more) for everyone’s protection.

From our part in Heliades Villas, in view of the season opening in April, we are taking all measures to make sure that our villas will be the perfectly safe holiday homes for your summer holidays.

The interior

In all common spaces of the villa, we will have antiseptic lotions and hand sanitising gels for the protection of our guests. Apart from the general daily cleaning of the villas, we also clean very regularly specific surfaces, such as the door handles, the remote controls of televisions and air-conditioners, fridge handles, and more. Making sure that the villas are spotless and absolutely safe is our top priority.

Ecological Disinfections

Our plan for the coming season is to ecologically disinfect all interior and exterior spaces of our villas before and after every single booking. The ecological disinfections are absolutely safe for everyone and includes all furniture and spaces of the villas, even the bed mattresses. As the disinfections are absolutely ecological, the villas will be ready to use within one hour from the disinfection.

The pool

Our pools are daily disinfected and the water recycling does not stop any time of the day. Every month, the pool water is tested in specific laboratories where scientists analyse the water quality for microorganisms.


We totally understand how important flexibility is during this unprecedented situation. This is why we are always by the side of our clients and totally flexible with cancellations or alternations that are due to Coronavirus. If you eventually wish to cancel your booking due to the virus, we can either return your deposit or change your holiday stay for other dates during this season, or even for next season.

Talk to us

In all this effort, we will surely ask for and appreciate your help. Let us know if you had been affected by Coronavirus before your holiday (even if you have been cured) and immediately inform us in case you are not feeling well during your stay in our villas. We will make sure that you have an immediate appointment with a local doctor and do the necessary medical examinations.