April & May in Andros – Ready for your Spring Holidays?

Spring holidays are only few steps away… So, is there a better time than now to book your next spring trip? Here are our top 5 reasons why we suggest you to spend your holidays in April and May in Andros.

Authentic island

April and May in Andros will give you the chance to enjoy our island in all its day to day life. These are the months when the tourists have not arrived yet, the nature blossoms, the school year is not over and the locals work with their farms. These are the two best months to see a Greek island far from summer tourist and a spring holiday in Andros Greece will surely reward you!

Warm weather

From middle April and onwards, the weather gets warm and the swimming season gradually starts! Of course, most probably very few other swimmers will be at the beach, but this means that you will be able to enjoy the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea in total quietness. If you are not a beach person, then you can certainly enjoy a long day under the sun and by the pool in our villas with private pool in Andros.

Great for families

Many families from Europe get to visit Andros Cyclades in May, during spring break. There are also families from Israel visiting Andros in April, during the Israeli Passover. These families find in Andros a relaxing and safe holiday destination in Greece, only 2 hours by ferry from Athens.

Best time for action

Due to the moderate but warm weather, April and May in Andros Greece are the best months for outdoor activities. Do you need suggestions from us? You can try hiking across the spring paths, horse riding or jeep safari tours with trekking in secret spots of Andros island. Also ask us to arrange for you outdoor yoga or pilates in the villa.

Celebrate Easter in Andros

The Greek Easter usually falls in middle or late April and Andros is an island with vivid celebrations. Experience the Greek Easter celebrations in one of the many monasteries in Andros. Taste the traditional festive food from local bakeries or taverns. Get the overwhelming feeling in the air. Observe the island nature. These will be moments to cherish!