How much would a wedding in Greece cost?

If you are planning a wedding in Greece, then surely one of the first questions to come in your mind is the following: How much would a wedding in Greece cost? 

Of course, you should not expect to hear from us an exact cost because, as you understand, every wedding is different and its cost depends on what the couple wishes for this special moment.  

However, we are going to give you some rough cost estimations so that you are aware of the average costs of wedding services in Greece.

Wedding venue

There are various kind of wedding venues in Greece. Some are independent, while other venues are found within the premises of a hotel or villa complex. Some accommodations charge a venue fee for the wedding, which may depend on the number of guests. In Heliades Villas, there is no charge for the wedding venue and we charge only the villa rentals for the couple’s and the guests’ accommodation.

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Wedding dinner

The wedding dinner cost also depends on the number of guests and usually there is a cost per person. Most frequently, this cost may include house wine, beers and soft drinks, however this should be clarified with the wedding planner or coordinator. The cost for wedding dinners usually start from 50€ per person. If you wish for an open bar, the cost is extra and may start from 30€ per person. If you also wish for a welcome drink or late night food, there is also extra cost.

Wedding dinner cost in Greece

Flower decoration

The cost for the flower and venue decoration depends on the kind of flowers that you wish for the ceremony and the wedding dinner. Expensive flowers, such as tulips, orchids or peonies, will raise the cost of the wedding decoration in Greece. If you choose local flowers and herbs, such as roses, lavender, olive branches or sage, the flower decoration cost will be kept in lower levels. In any case, flower decoration cost may start from 500€ and increase depending on flowers and decoration items.

Flower decoration cost for a wedding in Greece

Photography & Videography

Among the highest costs for a wedding in Greece is photography & videography. As an average cost for wedding photography and videography in Greece, it can start from at least 1,500€ and even reach 3,000€. Of course, the photographer and videographer usually cover the entire wedding day, including the wedding ceremony, the couple’s preparation, the wedding party and even a next day photography or beach photoshooting.

More wedding services

Depending on your budget, your personal wishes and the wedding planner, you can of course arrange for even more wedding services in Greece. Some couples ask for fireworks, others ask for a dreamy boat trip after the wedding ceremony, for pre-wedding massage, for local dancers, DJ or local music band. Everything can be customizable to your wishes and budget!

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