October holidays in Andros: What to see and do

October holidays in Andros Greece

Is October a convenient month to visit Andros?
How warm is the weather?
What are the main things to do in Andros in October?

As we frequently receive emails asking such questions about October holidays in Andros, here we are, answering all possible thoughts you may have about spending this month in our lovely Greek island!

Is October a good month for holidays in Andros?

October is a wonderful month to spend your vacation in Andros. Why? First of all, the weather is still warm and perfect for swimming in the sea. The beaches are calm and less tourist than summer months. In fact, the entire island is less tourist and left to visitors who come to appreciate nature, quietness and privacy. Moreover, the month of October is low season in Greece, therefore accommodation prices are more affordable than peak season. It will also be easier to find availability, and you can surely find luxury villas in Andros in more affordable prices.

What to see in Andros in October

October holidays in Andros provide a great chance to discover authentic spots and secret places all over the island. If you have dreamed to be alone in a hidden beach in Andros, then October is the best season to come. If you want to experience Andros island in its daily local routine, then October is the ideal month for this. In October, you will have the chance to walk the paved paths of Andros Town with much less tourists, see the popular villages of Batsi, Gavrio and Ormos Korthiou in quietness and enjoy large beaches almost for yourself.

What to do in Andros in October

Apart from discovering beautiful villages and swimming in the sea, there are many other things to do in October in Andros.


Did you know that Andros has more than 200 signed trekking paths? Did you also know that there are two hiking festivals in Andros in October? If you enjoy hiking, then this is a fantastic chance to discover an authentic trekking destination in Greece and walk a different hiking trail every day!

Jeep safari

Do you want to explore Andros off the beaten track and see secret places that even locals may have not visited? Ask us to organize a private jeep safari tour for you!

Horse riding

Explore Andros on a horse back! Either you are a beginner or an expert rider, you will find interesting routes on the island. The region of Fellos, where our beautiful villas in Andros are located, is particularly great for horse riding.


Are you fond of fishing? We can provide you with fishing equipment and we shall enjoy long hours of fishing at the beach of Fellos or at the port town of Gavrion.

Boat tours

October is a nice month for boat tours since the weather is perfect, the sea is calm and there is no wind. Why don’t you ask us for a private boat tour with your family and friends?

Do not miss the chance! Ask us now for availability in Heliades Villas in October.