4 reasons why choose a private villa in Andros over a luxury hotel

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As the travel industry is changing, so are the mindsets of travelers. People are no longer looking for luxury in 5 star hotels, but for independence, privacy and local experiences in private villas. Here are the main reasons why travelers tend to choose a villa for their holidays, over the room or suite of a luxury hotel. At the end of the article, you will have understood why a private villa in Andros is also the best choice for your holiday on the island!


Private Villas in Andros Greece

One of the largest advantages that a villa holiday can offer is privacy. And this is provided at a level that even 5 star hotel suites can’t beat. When you book a villa, you have the entire property for you and your friends or family. No neighbors on the next balcony, no crowds in your private swimming pool, no noise in the middle of the day, or the night. Just you, your privacy and total calmness. Our villas in Andros is just this type of accommodation, where you can totally unwind and spend the most memorable holidays ever!

Exclusive concierge services

Renting a luxury villa means that you can get personalized services, when and just like how you need them. You don’t have to worry about what time the breakfast closes, or the pool opens. Everything is personalized according to your schedule. In Heliades Villas, we can even personalize your breakfast or chef dining according to your habits and dietary requirements. Just tell us what you need and we will make sure you have it, from everyday meals to private boat tours, massage therapies or VIP personal training. This is a level of personalization that hotels certainly can’t match.

A villa rental can be even more affordable than hotels

Probably this statement sounds strange, but if you think about it, then you will see that a villa can actually be more affordable than a luxury hotel room, especially if you are traveling with your extended family or group of friends, when the cost is split. If you add self-contained facilities, such as full kitchen, laundry and ironing services, then you understand that a villa rental can save you a lot of holiday budget.

Incredible locations


You must certainly have noticed it yourself, too! Villas are set in the most stunning locations. Is there a more relaxing holiday than having a wonderful location to yourself, no crowds, no noise, many steps away from 8the main tourist trail? Our villas in Andros, Heliades Villas, are all set on the slopes of a hill, surrounded by beautiful greenery and offering gorgeous view to the sea. Do not worry about booking a hotel room with direct or side sea view. In our private villa, you will enjoy wide view to the Aegean Sea from your bedroom balcony or the super spacious first floor veranda.

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