5+1 Reasons to Organize a Villa Wedding in Greece

You have found your soulmate, you have got engaged and you are now ready to tie the knot! Could you think of a better place for a wedding ceremony than Greece? And better enough, could you think of something more exciting than a villa wedding in Greece?

Here are our 5+1 reasons why a villa wedding in Greece is what you need for your civil wedding, symbolic wedding or vows renewal!

Villa Wedding in Greece in Heliades Villas

#1 Enjoy a luxury villa wedding in Greece

A villa with private pool, like Heliades Villas in Andros island Greece, will provide you with all the luxury you need for such a special event. Imagine a wedding ceremony at the garden, by the pool, with exciting view to the Aegean Sea. Wouldn’t this be the ceremony you have dreamed of?

#2 Accommodation for all your guests

A large villa or a villa complex can host all your family and friends who will probably be joining you for this great event. Therefore, you will have the chance to stay together, have fun and enjoy your villa wedding in Greece with all your closest people. Have in mind that Heliades Villas can host up to 28-30 guests in all three villas, therefore it offers you the perfect place for an intimate ceremony with your guests.

#3 Dinner reception at the villa

After your ceremony, you can hold your dinner reception at the premises of the villa without having to move to somewhere else. In Heliades Villas, following the wedding ceremony by the pool, you can have the welcome drink at the garden and the dinner reception at the balcony with fantastic sea view or at the garden around the pool.

#4 Party until late hours

An intimate villa wedding in Greece shall give you the privacy to party all night long. Since you will not have to think about neighbors, if you book the entire villa complex for your guests, you can party with your family and friends and celebrate this happy occasion until the late hours.

#5 Continue with honeymoon

After the ceremony, when your guests return home, the bridal couple can stay at the villa and continue with their honeymoon. In Heliades Villas, the couple can enjoy a large villa with private pool for themselves, plus a secluded location with breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea. Moreover, after their stay in our villas in Andros, the couple can hop to other close Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini or Tinos.

Private Villa Wedding in Andros Greece

#6 Get help with creating a bespoke wedding

A villa wedding in Greece is something unique and personalized. In Heliades Villas, we will not offer you standard wedding packages. As we understand that each bridal couple and each wedding ceremony is different, we will make sure that you have every bespoke service you need, personalized to your own wishes, tastes and budget. From flower decoration and dinner reception to beauty services and wedding photography, everything will be customized to your needs.

Want to get an offer for a villa wedding in Heliades Villas? Drop us a message now!