How to get the most from your holidays in Andros

Holidays in Andros Island, Greece

Dressed in green, Andros island stands out of the rest Cyclades islands thanks to its lustful vegetation and the water resources. Just a breath away from Athens, the island of Andros has something to offer to everyone! Like no other of the Cyclades islands, Andros is one of those places where the past and the present seem to coexist. An island that will definitely seduce you, full of contradictions with a great variety of scenery and amazing natural environment offering unique experiences.

Holidays in Gavrio Area

Heliades Villas are only 10 minutes by car from Gavrio, the main port of Andros (6 km). From the area of Gavrio, there is access to the north and northwestern part of the island, where there are amazing villages (Fellos, Makrotantalo, Ammolochos, Varidi, Katakoilo, Remata) and also some of the most beautiful beaches of the island (Zorkos, Vori, Vitali, St. Peters, Golden Coast).

Fellos beach is located 5 km north of Gavrio and next to Heliades Villas, on the northwestern coast of Andros. This is a charming sandy beach with trees providing natural shade and clean waters. The place is ideal for fishing lovers! You will also find there a great variety of taverns and restaurants for an amazing local and international culinary experience, many bars to spend your nights with fun, and all kind of shops to buy local products and souvenirs, like FrouFrou giftshop. In the afternoon, go to Batsi, the most tourist village in Andros island. Built around a small bay, Batsi has small traditional houses and nice coves to swim.

Activities in Andros

If you are a lover of sports and adventure, Andros offers a great variety of sports and activities.


Andros is considered to be today among the leading quality European destinations for hiking due to its mountainous nature and the variety of springs that offer a unique experience. These hiking tours are ideal if you need a mild outdoor adventure. Experience a hiking tour through the eyes and the storytelling of local guides and explore the nature of the island. The season ends with the famous Andros Trail Race which is scheduled to take part every October.

Mountain Biking

If you are a bike lover, then rent your mountain bikes from Gavrio and experience the adventure with a local guide. Upward gravel roads crossing the slopes next to the stream of the river valleys, abundant streams and rivers, hills and mountain formations, abandoned villages and churches, idyllic landscapes are waiting for you to explore! The best way to explore the island… is to come out and feel the nature! At Heliades Villas, we will be happy to help you organize a hiking or mountain biking tour around the island, just ask us!

Boat tours

We also highly recommend a boat tour exploring beautiful destinations and crystal blue waters. With a lot of stops for swimming, some local treats and refreshments, these boat excursions will give you the opportunity to explore the island by sea in the most relaxing way.

Sea sports

If you want to explore more the island and its underwater world, don’t miss the chance to do snorkeling tours and scuba diving in Kypri, only 4 km from Gavrio. This is the ultimate diving base with the best facilities and gears. For the lovers of surfing, you can find the ideal spot in Kypri in a place called WeSurfin in order to have fun, surf, exercise, and relax with the best instructors. If you want to relax with a yoga or massage session, contact us so that we arrange it for you in your private Villa.

Where to swim

In Andros there are more than 40 amazing beaches. The most famous beaches of Andros are found on the western side of the island, including Fellos Beach, Agios Petros (St. Peters), Chrisi Akti (Golden Coast), Kypri and Batsi. On the eastern side of the island are beaches like Tis Grias to Pidima, Korthi, Gyalia and Ahla. Also in 30 minutes distance from Heliades Villas, we have the totally secluded beaches Vitali, Zorkos and Ateni, which are open to the northern winds. Very impressive is the beach of Vori with the shipwreck.

In the organized sandy beach of Agios Petros (St. Peter’s), located three minutes away from Gavrio, you can enjoy swimming with music, seating under umbrellas, and enjoying a drink or light snack. This is a sandy beach that will fascinate young people, since it combines natural beauty and beach bars. Chrisi Akti beach will also fascinate you with the crystal waters and the golden sand.

A stroll around Chora Town

No one should leave the amazing island of Andros without visiting the capital town. Chora, located on the eastern side of the island, looks like it came out of a cart postal. This is a very tranquil place with nice taverns and coffee shops since it is mostly closed from traffic. Andros Town is located 35 kilometers east of the harbor (Gavrio). From there, some lovely and picturesque villages can be reached, such as the lovely medieval village of Messaria, Menites, Stenies and Apoikia, where the famous Sariza spring is situated.

The meddling of mid-age houses, Neoclassical and Cycladic buildings, narrow alleys, stone walkways museums and beaches give to Chora a unique atmosphere. The gateway to the old city has been preserved and gives to the visitor the feeling of penetrating in another world and another time. The medieval atmosphere of the city co-exists in harmony with the modern style created by the small shops, cafes and bars.

Walk along the paved paths and look at the famous Tourlitis lighthouse, standing at the entrance of the port since 1887. Climb up to Rivas Square and see the statue of the Unknown Sailor. The view from up there is really magnificent. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Kairios Library and Goulandris Modern Art Museum that organizes amazing exhibitions every year.

Andros island in Cyclades is the perfect spot for travelers who want to have plenty to see and do during their trip. With Heliades Villas as a base, you can explore the entire island!