Start planning your summer holidays

Start planning your summer escape

The real reason behind planning ahead is because you don’t like to leave important things to chance.

Let’s face it, when you start searching for the best place to spend you summer vacations in May or June for example, most of the best places are either already booked or more expensive, because depending on the demand most of the hosts may have already updated their prices.

If you don’t want to find yourself stuck with second best while your first choices are already sold out, start planning early on.

Booking ahead gives you a leeway to getting the holiday you want. Furthermore there are cancellation policies in place so you don’t have to worry what will happen in case you need to cancel. You will just have to make sure to choose the right cancellation policy. A moderate one will always serve your purposes because it offers a logical free cancellation period.

So why is planning your summer holiday ahead of time so important?

First reason: The earlier you make your research the better the deals you will get for your favorite places. Since you will be one of the few searching early in the season the availabilities for the holiday homes and villas of your liking will be still open. Additionally, you must be aware that most hosts are checking out the demand and many of them update their prices at the end of winter. Meaning that the earlier you book the better your chances to reserve top of the line Villas, like Heliades Villas at the dates you prefer and with last year’s prices…

Why hang around until late spring, when bookings surge only to get your second best or none at all for that matter?

Create memories at Heliades Villas
Create memories at Heliades Villas

Second reason: Based on Google data, after Christmas holiday season travel searches overall soar. It is after Christmas that everybody is starting to dream about beaches and carefree time under the warm sun, and by this time the options offered are starting to get slimmer.

Third reason: Is common knowledge that air tickets during the off season are much cheaper. So if you want to save and spend more money in your actual holidays than in ticket, the wise thing to do is book early.

Fourth reason: you can have a stress free holiday season:  You won’t have to worry if you will find the type of accommodation you want at the destination of your choice. How many times have found yourself booking your second or third destination choice, because all the best deals were already taken at your first destination preference?  So if you book during the winter season, you can fully indulge and enjoy the party season knowing that your pool bed is already reserved and waiting for you.

Fifth reason: Summer holidays as a New Year resolution!

Relaxing under the sun
Relaxing under the sun

Can you really think of a better New Years resolution for you and your family? There is no better present to offer to your wife/husband, kids and parents. Imagine everyone’s surprise when they realize that the end of a difficult and challenging winter there is a carefree week of fun and relaxation under the warm sun in Andros, in a Cycladic villa with a private pool, a private garden, in a place where your eye captures the beauty of your childhood dreams…

Check out our availabilities and make your dream the best Christmas present!

You can also send us your request, informing us about the dates you are enquiring and we will get back to you with our offer and details about our amenities and services.