Transforming Used Linens into Sustainable Bags!

Eco Project

Imagine a world where everyday waste is transformed into something beautiful and useful. A world where our actions shape a greener, more sustainable future. This vision is at the heart of the ECO PROJECT, initiated with dedication by Zekkos family, owners of Heliades Villas in Andros.

The aim of this initiative is to collect old linens from all the tourist accommodations in Andros, recycle them, and convert them into stylish fabric bags. This promotes environmentally friendly practices and significantly reduces the use of plastic bags.

How the ECO PROJECT Works

The concept merges recycling with fashion in a simple and effective way:

  1. Collection: Tourist accommodation owners in Andros gather old linens (sheets, towels, covers, etc.) and instead of discarding them, they offer them for recycling at designated collection points set by the Municipality of Andros.
  2. Production: The company Cento then transforms the recycled materials into eco-friendly fabric bags bearing the Andros seal.
  3. Distribution: Finally, the accommodation owners who contributed linens receive fabric bags and offer them to their guests.

Collection Points for Old Linens:

  • Chora
    • At the Stadium.
    • Contact: Dimitris Mandarakas, 6930078456
  • Korthi
    • Korthi Citizen Service Center (KEP)
    • Contact: 2282360326
  • Gavrio
    • Former Agricultural Cooperative
    • Contact: Georgia Petsa, 2282360117

A Message from the Zekkos Family:

As a family deeply rooted in the beautiful island of Andros, we feel a profound responsibility to protect and preserve its natural beauty for future generations. The ECO PROJECT – CENTO FASHION is not just an initiative; it is a heartfelt commitment to our community and the environment. At Heliades Villas, we already recycle our old linens and provide our guests with fabric bags featuring the Andros seal. Our goal is for this practice to be embraced by all tourist accommodation owners on our island.

The Inspiration

This idea was inspired by a young individual, 16-year-old Korinna-Elli, who is passionate about community service and environmental protection. Although Korinna-Elli resides in London, her love for Andros, which she has visited every summer since she was six months old, is as strong as her desire to contribute to the island’s sustainability.

Your Participation is Valuable

Join us in making a difference! If you own a tourist accommodation, don’t throw away your old linens this year. Recycle them and receive beautiful bags in return. Together, we can promote the idea that “Nothing is Wasted” and ensure a sustainable future for our beloved Andros!