Andros as an autumn hiking destination

Something magical happens in Andros when autumn approaches, it brings a shifting palate of light and colors which will definitely capture your attention!

Dressed in green and many other colours, Andros is blessed with the most mysterious characteristics in the climate and the natural environment. Our beautiful island owes this greenery to its rich underground and surface water resources. Autumn in Andros is perfect for those who want to truly experience the island in all its glory! It has something to offer to everyone, as  it is a strange island full of contradictions with a great variety in scenery, rich culture and culinary experiences.

Andros offers terrific landscapes for hiking, trekking or walking to its visitors, especially in autumn.

Hiking Festivals in Andros

Two great events are organized on the island these days that you have to attend and face new challenges.

Andros Trail Race will take place in 29-30 September 2018.  Don’t miss the opportunity to run Andros Trail Race 2018 and experience wild and breathtaking landscapes, explore sandy beaches and the island’s elegant architecture! You will run through cobbled old streets, Venetian pathways and certified hiking trails, high mountains, water mills, stone bridges and traditional villages.

The second great event is  the 1st Andros Walking Festival , organized between 6-28 October 2018.

Andros On Foot is a new and different festival, that will take you straight to the people and the heart of Andros. It is  a celebration and exploration of the unique landscape and culture of Andros on foot, with 23 days of hiking through a hidden treasure of amazing places. You will have the chance to visit the historical monuments & villages of Andros, for fiestas, dances, games and arts and experience flavors cooked by locals. Don’t miss the chance to be there!

Book your autumn escape to Andros Island in Heliades Villas, the perfect place to unveil the beauties of the island in the best period!