Looking for the best hiking destination in Greece? Travel Blogger Jenny Lowthrop has the answer!

This July we had the luck to have as our guest Jenny Lowthrop, the successful journalist-travelling adventurer blogger, with her family.

Jenny made a full description for the days that she spent in Heliades Villas and our beautiful island of Andros, posting her amazing photos. During the days of her stay she made some activities in order to get to know the natural environment of the island. As she says in the blog post: “Our trip ticked all the boxes for a great summer holiday; we stayed in an incredible luxury villa, ate loads of tasty meals, and chilled on the beach. Possibly the most surprising activity of the trip was all the walks we did and how well equipped for hikers of all levels Andros really is.”

Hiking Through Andros’ History

Andros has been inhabited since antiquity, and it’s only in the last 50 years or so that cars have been used to get around on the island. Before this it was on foot (or with a donkey to help with your luggage, if you were lucky), and the island’s communities were connected with a network of around 300km of narrow paths.

These routes were well trodden for thousands of years until, after the second world war, many of the inhabitants emigrated to Athens and over time these old routes became overgrown or lost.

In recent years however, the paths are making a resurgence, due to the sustained hard work of those behind the Andros Routes project and an army of dedicated volunteers. Not only are they rediscovering and clearing the old routes, they have been meticulously mapping and way-marking them so they can be enjoyed by all. Their efforts have even been recognised by the European Ramblers’ Association, who certified the 100km “Andros Route” as one of its Leading Quality Trails.

Jenny and her family were lucky enough to experience a couple of the routes with super knowledgeable guides.

Jenny writes in her blog refering to one of the hiking routes they did to the The Watermills of Frousei: “I’ll admit we were apprehensive about our hike, not being the most seasoned ramblers and especially doing it in the summer sun. While it was a hot day, the route took had plenty of shade from the different trees found in the valley and a gentle breeze (not uncommon on Andros) helped too.”

We would like to thank Ariana (www.trekkingandros.gr) who really transmitted all her love and knowledge to our guests and did add to their experience!

Their second hiking activity was to Agios Petros, with tour operators from Andros Routes.  Andros Routes was formed by a group of volunteers who love the island, its culture, history and beautiful landscape. They have restored and signposted over 160km of paths. In 2015 they were the first island in Europe to be recognized  by the European Ramblers Association and the Andros Route was certified as one of the Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe.


Jenny says  about Agios Petros: “Our walk took us in the hills above the village and beach, starting near the ancient tower. It’s really hard to convey the scale of a tower which has stood for thousands of years thanks to its thick walls and precise construction. It’s a lovely spot which is fairly accessible and well worth a visit. ”

Click the link below to read all the hiking experience and details of Jenny’s activities: https://shegetsaround.co.uk/best-hiking-in-greece-the-historic-trails-of-andros/

Jenny wants for sure to live again a hiking experience in Andros and she will come back! We’ll be waiting for her!

Source: She gets around