How to get the most from your holidays in Andros

Dressed in green, Andros island stands out of the rest Cyclades islands thanks to its lustful vegetation and the water resources. Just a breath away from Athens, the island of Andros has something to offer to everyone! Like no other of the Cyclades islands, Andros is one of those places where the past and the [...]

Andros as an autumn hiking destination

Something magical happens in Andros when autumn approaches, it brings a shifting palate of light and colors which will definitely capture your attention! Dressed in green and many other colours, Andros is blessed with the most mysterious characteristics in the climate and the natural environment. Our beautiful island owes this greenery to its rich underground [...]

Top ten things to do in Andros!

When traveling to Andros island, you'll quickly realize that the island offers a wide variety of things to do and sites to see. Here is a top ten list with the must things to do in our amazing Greek island. Visit Chora, the main town of Andros The capital of the island, Chora (which means [...]

Andros: A paradise for Walking, Hiking and Trekking

Did you know that Andros has one of the most extensive trail networks in the Cyclades? For this reason, Andros island is an ideal place for visitors who enjoy hiking, walking or trekking. Due to its mountainous nature and the variety of springs, Andros offers a unique experience. Hikers in Andros can see lovely historical and [...]