Greece is ready to restart tourism

Greece is ready to restart tourism

Greece demonstrated consistency in focus and resolve in its response to COVID-19. Greek Tourism enters this new era with optimism and determination. Our goal is to follow all safety measures for the protection of both tourists and locals. Greece is ready to restart tourism. It is one of the safest destinations post-Covid. Opening for the [...]

How much would a wedding in Greece cost?

If you are planning a wedding in Greece, then surely one of the first questions to come in your mind is the following: How much would a wedding in Greece cost?  Of course, you should not expect to hear from us an exact cost because, as you understand, every wedding is different and its cost [...]

Make the most of your holidays in Andros

How to get the most from your holidays in Andros

Dressed in green, Andros island stands out of the rest Cyclades islands thanks to its lustful vegetation and water resources. Just a breath away from Athens, the island of Andros has something to offer to everyone! Andros is one of those places where the past and the present seem to coexist. An island that will [...]

World Travel Market Exhibition 2018

We were really glad for another year to experience the 2018 WTM Exhibition, the leading global event for the travel industry! World Travel Market London unlocks the ideas that will shape the world’s dreams and plans for travel over the next years and provides amazing insight and opportunities to all the exhibitors and visitors. WTM [...]