We had been searching for ten years in Cyclades for the perfect spot, until we arrived in Andros Island. We swam in the virgin and sparkling waters of “Zorgos”, “Vitali”, “Chrisi Akti”, “Fellos” and many more wonderful beaches. We went to “Hora”, the capital, with its museums, culture, and beautiful traditional mansions (“Arhondika”).

We went to the villages, in the mainland, to the green areas where you forget you are in Cyclades, so unique and different than any other island we visited, and we decided to stay. We decided that THIS is the place.

This was the dream… We followed it step by step… until it became a reality!!

Since then our love for Andros has grown even stronger. Every single time we enter the ferry which takes us to Andros, the joy of this dream coming true comes alive.. any tension of the previous days and hours disappears… and we feel relaxed, even before having reached the island!

This care-free feeling is exactly what we want you- our guests- to experience as well… We love what we do and we strive to offer you your best vacation ever. We know that if you enjoy your stay even half as much as we do, that will be enough to make your vacation unforgettable!!!