Why choose villa holiday in times of Coronavirus?

With the Coronavirus now present in our lives, when we are thinking about holidaying, we have to make sure that we all remain healthy during vacations and return safe at home. This is why, apart from travelling with all measures in a safe country with few coronavirus cases, such as Greece, we also have to make sure that we stay with our family or friends in a protected holiday accommodation.

In this view, here are the main reasons why most travellers choose holidaying in a villa.

#1 Villas have Privacy

The main reason why most visitors choose a villa for their holiday accommodation is because villas are private and have no common spaces to share with other guests, such as receptions, elevators, restaurants, bars or pool areas. This makes villas a safer place for your family holidays and certainly lowers the possibilities to be in contact with other people. Therefore, you can enjoy all the relaxation you need this summer in total safety!

In our villas in Andros, you shall have no neighbours at a close distance. All the interior and exterior spaces, as well as the verandas, the garden, the pool and BBQ, will be for exclusive use only by your family & friends, while you shall also enjoy private entrance to the villa.

#2 Personalized Services

Except for privacy, the good thing about villas is that you have the chance for personalized services. In our villas in Andros, we will be happy to help you reduce your getting around and we can help you enjoy relaxing and safe holidays with grocery shopping service, chef dining and breakfast preparation. This means that we can arrange for your shopping during your stay in our villa so that you don’t have to go yourself at the market and we can also take care of all your meals, with a cook coming daily to the villa to prepare your breakfast and dinner. Of course, our cook will be checked daily for temperature and will take all needed safety measures.

#3 Longer Stays in Villas

It is a common fact that the average holiday length in villas is 7-10 nights, which is more than a week. On a longer scale, this means that fewer guests are staying in a villa during the entire summer season, therefore there are less chances to stay in villas with precedent virus cases.

#4 Deep Cleaning

Cleanliness has always been top of mind for us, which is why our trained staff with disposable gloves and facial coverings cleans the villa thoroughly, in great attention. We give special attention to the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, like a doorknob, light switches, remote controls, keys, hairdryers and more. Moreover, during the coming season, for maximum safety of our guests, we will proceed to very regular disinfections for safety reasons, even if no specific reason applies. However, mind that in case someone does not want any cleaning personnel to approach the villa, this is also acceptable.

From our part, we can certainly reassure you that we shall take all measures and follow all guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Greek National Tourism Organization to provide a safe stay for everyone. Our main concern is always the safety of our guests and our personnel!