Top ten things to do in Andros!

When traveling to Andros island, you’ll quickly realize that the island offers a wide variety of things to do and sites to see. Here is a top ten list with the must things to do in our amazing Greek island.

Visit Chora, the main town of Andros

The capital of the island, Chora (which means “main village”) is home to famous Greek captains and ship owners, and there is a remarkable combination of medieval, neoclassical and traditional style, evident in its houses. This lovely little town is the capital of Andros and also the nicest and more interesting village on the island. Go for a stroll down the marble pavements and stop for a coffee to admire the view. Don’t forget to take a picture next to the Statue of the Unknown Sailor, the huge bronze sailor, standing in the square at the top of the promontory and celebrating Chora’s seagoing traditions.

Go to beautiful sea town of Batsi

Batsi is the main tourist town of Andros. The town is cosmopolitan but maintaining the local colors, and a main destination for the visitors. Despite its touristy character, Batsi has kept a traditional and picturesque charm. In summer, it is lively and vibrant with several bars open until late in the night.

Explore the amazing beaches

In Andros, you can find a great number of both organized or totally private beaches. Andros has top-quality beaches that suit all tastes. There are fully organized, easily accessible and ideal for families. There are also plenty of sandy beaches, as well as rocky ones for those who love fishing. One of the best is Fellos beach, with trees that provide shade, very close to our amazing complex of Heliades Villas.

Book your private boat tour

Cruises around Andros are an unforgettable experience where not only you will get to admire the wild coasts of the island, but you will also enjoy a relaxing and indulging day aboard a luxurious yacht.

A visit to Androp- Andros Distillery

ANDROP tsipouro is a premium quality distillate, reflecting the culture, the art and heritage of Andros island. Try it and experience the balanced flavors and delicate aromas in every drop! Tour around the distillery and the latest technology and energy saving standards that are being used, creating a unique in their quality product.

Visit Cyclades Olive Museum

The museum at Ano Pitrofos is a well-preserved olive-mill. This mill is restored and transformed into a museum to offer visitors the chance to come closer to the olive oil tradition and techniques used in its creation. It is situated at the center of the village, at the ground floor of an old stone built complex. It is one of the biggest and more complete animal-powered oil mills of Andros island. With a modern presentation, video and plenty of informative and educational material, the process of traditional olive oil production revives again.

Visit Museum of Contemporary Art

In July 1979, the Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation inaugurated the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chora, capital of Andros and birthplace of Basil Goulandris. The main objective of the museum is to continue to actively contribute its own creative proposals to the current debates on the visual arts aligned with the international trends and developments in visual arts and aesthetic education, to promote Greek and international modern and contemporary art to the general public. The Greek collection in particular is constantly updated with newer inputs, while it has also been showcasing the works of renowned international artists.

The must-see Tower Agios Petros

The tower of Agios Petros is a quite well-preserved tower, placed on a hill overlooking the bay of Gavrio. This historical monument is in the midst of a restoration project, but is still considered the best preserved of the Cycladic Towers. Take the winding staircase to the top for spectacular views.

Walk the amazing routes of Andros

Andros Routes are a network of clearly marked ancient paths that provide access to the landscape, forts, and even a Venetian castle. If the weather is not very hot while you are in Andros, do not miss the chance to go hiking!

Taste the local cuisine

Gastronomy in Andros is characterized by the main elements of Greek and Cycladic cuisine. Even though it’s an island, Andros is more famous for its meat rather than for fish. The most popular dish is fourtalia, an omelet with potatoes, pork and sausages cooked in a type of animal fat called glina instead of oil, with numerous variations.

Discover Andros and keep it your heart forever!