Andros: A paradise for Walking, Hiking and Trekking

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Andros: A paradise for Walking, Hiking and Trekking

Andros has one of the most extensive trail networks in the Cyclades, for this reason is ideal for hiking, walking or trekking due to its mountainous nature and the variety of springs that offer a unique experience. Hikers in Andros can enjoy everything: Old bridges, watermills, valleys or even small waterfalls! You can walk beside rivers (Achla, Vori, Pythara), have the opportunity to admire “stenes” (stone-walled paths) and enjoy a unique view. Some of these routes almost reach the island’s mountain ridge.  Andros is a special island of the Cyclades with plenty of water reserves, mountainous terrain, a sharp relief and extremely varied scenery. The island is a delight to explore on foot!

There are over 25 known hiking trails on the Island. Hiking will not only rejuvenate you and help you relax, it will also give you the opportunity to get to know more about the history and traditions of the island.

In recent years, there has been a systematic effort by the “Andros Routes” network (www.androsroutes.gr) to record, maintain and promote these routes. The last few years through their project all the existing paths and numerous new ones have been cleared and fully signaged  following European standards managing to offer hikers a complete hiking network of 160km.

So come visit the beautiful island of Andros, wear your hiking shoes and experience the “unknown” paradise!


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